SFV Acid Ambers Songs Front Cover
10.03.2014, Words by dummymag

SFV Acid confirms new album on UNO and shares a track with a fab name

The Valley dwelling 303 fiend drops 'Amber's Songs' in April, with new track Cheddar Mercedes streaming now.

Following the queasy vibes of last year's 'The Dwell' – an album supposedly conceived and recorded entirely in a Starbucks – SFV Acid will release a new LP entitled 'Amber Songs'. 

According to its press release, 'Amber's Songs' is something of a break-up album, put together by San Fernando Valley dweller Zane Reynolds in just one week after the event, and intended as "an ode to love lost, a page torn from a shut book." The brilliantly named Cheddar Mercedes is the first track from 'Amber's Songs' to be heard, and it does hint at a softer pallette being embraced by Reynolds. The tracklist, with similarly interesting song titles, can be scoured below.


01. Fage Kisses 
02. Cheddar Mercedes 
03. Pink iPhone 
04. Dirty Martini 
05. Art & Drawings 
06. Bejeweled iMac 
07. Vanilla Musk 
08. Video Journeys 
09. Pillows 
10. And No Stress 

UNO NYC release 'Amber Drops' on April 25th 2014 . 

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