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20.10.2022, Words by Billy Ward

Shygirl becomes first artist to debut music video on OnlyFans with explicit version of 'Shlut'

"It’s a little experiment to see what I’m inspired to create when I know I have your full attention..."

Shygirl has become the first established artist to premiere a music video on OnlyFans after dropping an explicit version of her ‘Shlut’ visual on the platform.

The censored edition of the video, directed by Diana Kunst, originally dropped last month following the release of her debut album ‘Nymph’ and sees Shygirl appear in a romantic monochromatic world.

Speaking about dropping the new uncensored video, Shygirl comments: “OnlyFans is a space for me to get personal with true fans only! It’s a little experiment to see what I’m inspired to create when I know I have your full attention. It’s somewhere where I can give better context to my work, the motivations behind it, and a more in-depth look at the things that inspire me.”

“I want to be able to create and share my imagery in all aspects, and this platform allows me full visual freedom without censorship. On OnlyFans you will know me best,” she adds.

OnlyFans CEO Ami Gan added: “We are delighted that Shygirl has launched an OnlyFans profile to debut her music video. We are passionate about empowering all creators on our platform and looking forward to watching Shygirl’s artistic vision unfold while her fans experience her brilliance sans restrictions.”

Find out more on Shygirl’s OnlyFans here or watch the censored version of ‘Shlut’ below:

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