22.08.2011, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Smith Westerns talk about the Pukkelpop tragedy

Watch an interview with the Chicago band who were playing on the stage that collapsed last week.

Following the tragic events of Pukkelpop last week in which five people died, Chicago band Smith Westerns, who were playing on the stage that collapsed, have spoken about the experience.

“A screen fell down on the drum set and we assumed it was someone throwing something up,” explains Cullen Omari. “We didn’t think anything of it so we were still messing around with amplifiers. I looked up and I saw there was a chandelier going back and forth – and that was the signal that we shouldn’t be up there. I looked at the tour manager and he was just like, Get off the stage.

The band also expressed regret about their “tasteless” tweet regarding Pukkelpop’s insurance, explaining it was sent before they knew the full extent of the tragedy. Watch the interview in full on 3VOOR12.

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