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22.09.2020, Words by Billy Ward

Smoke Boys to split after dropping final mixtape 'All The Smoke'

"It's been a pleasure to actually say we've made a mark in the music industry with some of the historical events we made happen..."

Smoke Boys have announced they will be disbanding after releasing one final mixtape ‘All The Smoke’.

Formerly called Section Boyz before losing out in a legal battle, the group are known as one of South London’s most influential rap collectives, presaging the current UK rap sound with an explosive blend of road rap and grime, while paying close attention to the booming Stateside trends.

Made up of six members: Knine, Inch, Deepee, Sleeks, Littlez and Swift, the crew ditched designer gear for blacked-out tracksuits and were one of the early projects to jump on the UK drill wave. They recently featured on Dizzee Rascal’s single ‘Act Like You Know’, from his upcoming album ‘E3 AF’.

Confirming the group’s legend status, their Village Underground show in 2015 made history when Drake and Skepta appeared on stage, going down as one of the iconic nights for British rap in the last decade.

However, posting on Twitter, Smoke Boys issued a statement saying that their new EP ‘All The Smoke’ will be their last: “Thank you to everybody that’s ever been a part of our journey. To all the fans, supporters, family and friends, it’s been a pleasure to actually say we’ve made a mark in the music industry with some of the historical events we made happen. Let’s make this one to remember”.

As of yet, there is no official release date for the project but the tape will be a touching farewell to a group who have had a big impact on the scene.

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