22.04.2013, Words by Aimee Cliff

Some students are building a Robyn robot

The Swedish technology class love the popstar so much they're building a Robyt.

A group of students at Stockholm’s KTH institute of technology are building a robot in tribute to famous singer Robyn.

In explanation of the project, the helpful little robot in the promo video below explains:

“Robyn – I guess you’ve heard of her? She’s famous around the world, and I’m told that Swedes are very proud that she’s Swedish…So why are KTH going to make a Robyn robot? One reason, of course, is that she seems to like robots. Another reason is that she makes electronic music. She also has the ambition to break new ground.”

Taking inspiration from Robyn’s pioneering spirit, the collective of students – profiled here – will take part in the project from now until January 2014.

Watch the project trailer below.


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