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21.10.2014, Words by dummymag

Ariel Pink - Black Ballerina

Ariel Pink airs Black Ballerina from his new album 'pom pom', a good song that won't do him any favours.

Ariel Pink is mostly appearing in the news right now for irritatingly bro-ish comments about Madonna, feminism, and whatever else tickles his beta male fancy at the time, but amongst all that he's also putting out an album called 'pom pom'. Following Put Your Number In My Phone, he's unveilved a new song from it called Black Ballerina.

The song won't do any favours for Pink – it's about someone being taken to a strip club by their granddad, and it deploys the line, Take your bra and panties off. Then there's the skit in the middle, which is best ignored to be honest.

The thing is, Black Ballerina is still a really good song – it's just that Pink himself seems to be getting more tedious as time goes on. If you want to read an article about why Ariel Pink should stop believing his own hype, check back on Adam Harper's incredibly well-researched article from last year, 'Shades of Ariel Pink'.

4AD release 'pom pom' on November 17th 2014 (pre-order).

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