15.08.2014, Words by dummymag

Röyksopp & Robyn - Monument (Kindness remix feat. Busiswa)

Adam Bainbridge peels back the layers on the Scandinavians' groove, with a little help from the South African poet/singer.

Fresh from sharing the Kelela-featuring opening track to forthcoming second album 'Otherness', Kindness has returned the favour for another artist who'll appear on his record, Robyn, by recasting one of her recent collaborations with Röyksopp from the 'Do It Again' EP.

As Adam Bainbridge himself saw it, there was already enough going on in the lush original to make piling on any more elements unnecessary, so this remix of A Monument To Everything is more about reducing it to its core elements. He does so by issuing out a slung bassline and zoning in on its classy woodwind – but also by calling on some unexpectedly upbeat and all round brilliant interspersions from South African artist Busiswa. It's further proof of what a sharp and clever musical ear Bainbridge possesses, if we needed any more in the first place. 

[via The Fader

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