So So In Luv 1 0nly
30.09.2014, Words by dummymag

So So In Luv - 1+0nly

Stream the new producer's debut track following their appearance on Rinse FM alongside Mssingno and Onika for Dis Magazine's radio show.

Last week, we caught Mssingno and Onika at a Rinse FM pop up, DJing for Dis Magazine's radio show (which is always worth paying attention to). Also on the bill that evening was So So In Luv, a new artist who we don't know an awful lot about besides their set on the night and the one song they've shared online, 1+0nly.

1+0nly is an unconventional club track but not an unpleasant one, with bright, clear sound design, a strange vocal declaring (a potentially unwanted) affection, and grime-like bar structures. Very addictive, very effective.

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