10.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Listen to 'Watch The Throne' in full

Click here to find out what exactly the fuss is all about with Kanye West and Jay Z's new collaborative album.

You’ve probably heard plenty about the outrageous new collaborative album from Kanye West and Jay Z , and now you can listen to album in full over at Prefix Mag .

This Village Voice blog details the ten trends that the album could kickstart. Specifically, it talks about the benefits of recording personally in a studio rather than trying to “vibe” over email, the upcoming superstardom of Frank Ocean and the methods used to (miraculously) prevent the album from leaking until its official release date.

Roc-A-Fella Records, Roc Nation, and Def Jam released ‘Watch The Throne’ on the 8th August 2011.

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