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21.10.2021, Words by Maisie Goulsbra

Streetwear brand KING enlists HEN$HAW for the face of Autumn Winter collection

"Through the juxtaposition of open wide space and the gritty reality of city life, we created a set that magnified the projection of HEN$HAW's music to the wider world."

North West London rapper HEN$HAW is the new face of streetwear brand KING‘s Autumn Winter collection along with music producer Chase. The East London streetwear brand was founded in 2003 amid the Gen-1 Grime era, representing a culture and authenticity that competed with the domination of US brands. Working with artists from Crazy Titch and Sway Dasafo, to Wretch32 and Plan B, they have selected HEN$HAW to represent the brand as someone who exudes DIY culture. Beginning his musical journey in his bedroom in Camden, he has gone on to conceptualise and produce his own music videos, signing to Nü Inc and DMY, and unleashing a string of releases like recent single ‘GIFT‘.

Founder Tim Hoad summed up the vision and inspiration behind the collaboration by saying; “The DIY ethic is central to our entire story, and when it comes to artists we move with, HEN$HAW has always been at the top of the pile. We are proud to present KING x HEN$HAW. When you see yourself in others, then it’s time to go to work and so we recently linked with Henny to put together a conceptual campaign that showcased his journey in the music game. Through the juxtaposition of open wide space and the gritty reality of city life, we created a set that magnified the projection of HEN$HAW’s music to the wider world. An artist making his voice heard in the most powerful and unconventional way.”

Check out the full lookbook here.

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