12.01.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

The Bug and Grouper collaborate on follow-up to London Zoo

Brutalist project of King Midas Sound lynchpin Kevin Martin working with heartstopping Portland, Oregon ambient singer-songwriter Liz Harris.

The Bug, a project of Kevin Martin (King Midas Sound, ICE, GOD), made an album in whose last album ‘London Zoo’ [2008] was a perfect encapsulation of London’s stripped, brutalist architecture and bumbling anger over rumbling mutant dancehall.

So, it’s with great excitement that we read on FACT that Grouper is collaborating on tracks with Kevin Martin. Two days ago, he Tweeted:

“Spent the last two weeks writing sketches/demos for forthcoming collaboration between me and Grouper for the upcoming Ninja Tune Bug album.”

Grouper is, of course, the name of Portland, Oregon drone/ambient singer-songwriter Liz Harris, whose extraordinary ‘AIA’ albums were easily among the year’s best.

In other vaguely Kevin Martin-related news, Self-Titled posted King Midas Sound’s singer Kiki Hitomi released the below cover of Gypsy Woman over a Villalobos beat:

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