15.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

The Game is unsurprisingly in trouble with the law after making his 500,000 Twitter followers prank

Rapper faces criminal charges after announcing that he was looking for an intern, and giving interested applicants the phone number for a Los Angeles police department.

Seemingly jealous of the excitement sparked by the Wu-Tang Clan when they announced they were searching for an intern last month, The Game decided to open applications for an intern of his very own on the 12th August. In an somewhat unorthodox move, though, he directed all enquiries not to himself, but to a police phone line reserved for emergency calls only.

The rapper, whose real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, tweeted “Today Im bout 2 do sumn I’ve never done: Im putting somebody down wit BWS ! Lookin 4 a intern.. male/female. Just picking some 1 randomly” before telling all potential applicants to call the equivalent of Los Angeles’ “999” number, taking callers through to the sheriff of the Compton area.

Taylor could now face criminal charges for obstructing a peace officer in the performance of their duties, as it is possible that the massive influx of people dialling the emergency number and asking to speak to “The Game” meant that people with real emergencies struggled to get through.

In reaction to the rumours that he might go to prison, The Game tweeted “I can see it now: ‘What u in 4 homie.. robbery. What about u dog… Murder. Aye… What u in here 4 game… (Pokes Chest Out) A TWEET’ !!!”

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