21.10.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

What we hear scares us

A fascinating BBC Radio 4 production that delves into the psychology of sound-induced fear.

Those of us who live our lives along a path punctuated by music are most likely intune with the feelings and emotions prompted by sound, but this short documentary of the sonic design of fear itself opens a new door to the psychology of what we hear, and how we hear it.

Presented by academic Sean Street and featuring interviews with every one from theorist David Toop to sound editor Chu-Li Shewring, highlights, perfectly, radio’s ability to conjure powerful imagery, forcing the listener to use one’s imagination and create a picture oneself.

If you find a spare half-an-hour, make yourself a brew, turn down the lights, close the curtains and encourage your mind do some exercise, by listening to The Sound of Fear.

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