22.03.2013, Words by dummymag

Toll Crane - Pink Passport EP

Maximal rhythm and jazz inflections from one of the producers repping the Pakistani electronic music collective Forever South.

Toll Crane is one of the heads behind the Forever South collective, the label based in the Pakistani city of Karachi, which we’ve been following closely as of late. When we spoke with label main man Dynoman to coincide with the release of Forever South’s first compilation, you could sense his enthusiasm and excitement at Karachi’s “currently booming” electronic music scene. And it’s that same optimism, energy and air of open-ended possibility that flies out at you on Toll Crane’s ‘Pink Passport’ EP.

The excellently named Jackie Brown’s Getaway is an eleven-minute frenzy of maximal rhythm and light jazz inflections: like a deep house track being manhandled across a landmine of clanging, cacophonous percussion. Dynoman has described the UK dancefloor and the LA beat scene as key reference points for Forever South, and this chimes on Knights: with echoes of hard-edged 2-step representing the former, while its mercurial adventurousness feels indebted to Fly Lo and co. ‘Pink Passport’ is up for a “name your price” download on Bandcamp – check it below.

Forever South released the ‘Pink Passport’ EP on the 15th March.

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