18.04.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

New Tom Vek record surfaces

Opinions at the ready – Tom Vek's new track, A Chore, is out there now.

Tom Vek will release his first record in five years, the self-deprecatingly titled ‘Leisure Seizure’, and you can listen to A Chore, the first single, above. It will be out on the 6th June, and you can read the tracklisting below.

For those not listening to new music for a brief but important moment in 2005, or those who wish to remember, here’s the wonderful I’m Not Saying My Goodbyes.

Tom Vek’s ‘Leisure Seizure’ tracklisting

1 Hold Your Hand
2 Aroused
3 A Chore
4 We Do Nothing
5 World of Doubt
6 Seizemic
7 A.P.O.L.O.G.Y
8 Someone Loves You
9 Close Mic’ed
10 On A Plate
11 You Need to Work Your Heart Out
12 Too Bad

Tom Vek will release his album ‘Leisure Seizure’ on the 6th June

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