26.01.2011, Words by dummymag

Visions Of Trees new video: Sometimes It Kills

The electronic duo from Dalston, East London released a new music video of their track entitled Sometimes It Kills from their debut album.

Visions of Trees are Sara Atalar and Joni Juden, who met in a friend’s Dalston basement jamming and making electronic music. Shot around various seemingly derelict London locations, the video of Sometimes It Kills features imagery in tune with the sublime song. The Dalston two-piece claim that, “With Visions Of Trees we want to create our own universe and our own wilderness, something bit other-worldly that has been sculpted by the city and the reality we live in and a longing to be somewhere else.”

Moshi Moshi will release Visions Of Trees ‘Sometimes It Kills/ No Flag’ on 7th February, 2011.

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