15.06.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Wiley is releasing an EP of all new material with Diplo made in Jamaica

Not only is his '100% Publishing' album out soon, but the provisionally titled 'Evolve Or Be Extinct' EP will be released later this summer as well.

Expect a lot of Wiley this summer. His album ’100% Publishing’ is out on June 20th, and there’s an EP of completely new material set to be released late summer. The EP is for the time being titled ‘Evolve Or Be Extinct’, but this could change. One of the tracks, Cookie Pie, was produced by Diplo while they were both recording together in Jamaica. There is also apparently a song on there titled Weirdo. This is all we know for the time being.

Big Dada will release Wiley’s ‘Evolve Or Be Extinct’ EP in late summer 2011

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