07.05.2013, Words by dummymag

Wretch 32 - Blackout feat. Shakka (Petite Noir remix)

The South African lights a match under the pop-grime man's returning single.

Grime popster Wretch 32’s new single Blackout has had its gamelan-inflected rhythms taken to another level by Petite Noir. The openness and daring in the rework – I’m thinking of those delightfully placed “woo!“s in particular – picks up where Jai Paul’s recent non-album left off, and you can hear traces of footwork’s freneticism as well as the exhaustive energies of the Shangaan Electro sound of Petite Noir’s native South Africa. Added to that, Wretch just sounds way better here than on the original’s radio-friendly button pushing, and with this appearing as the first rework Petite Noir’s shared in ages, fingers crossed he’ll be trying his hand at it more frequently. Stream it below.

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