13.08.2010, Words by Charlie Jones

Yes Way film (world premiere)

Watch Dan Nixon's moving record of a thrilling moment in underground music, 2009's Yes Way festival, in full, exclusively on Dummy, ahead of Yes Way II, which begins tonight.

Last year, we reviewed Dan Nixon’s film of Yes Way, a festival held by music promoters Upset the Rhythm and the art-group AutoItalia. The day featured a bunch of bands we absolutely adore [Cold Pumas, TEETH!!!, Pens, Trash Kit, Mazes, Peepholes, the Sticks that sort of thing] performing at AI’s barely-converted car-showroom artspace in Peckham, London.

It’s an honest, pure and romantic visual record of people creating something amazing for each other, and we’re honoured to present the film, in full, for you to watch.

In news not unrelated, Yes Way II at AutoItalia runs this weekend. Attendance is heartily advised

[Sadly, not all the bands could be included in the main film due to technical or time constraints. However, Dan will be posting up additional videos from the festival on his Vimeo channel.]

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