24.02.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Yet another imprint from Editions Mego

Peter Rehberg's label continues the microcultural hair-splitting into the underground electronic world with Sensate Focus.

Joining the Mego family this year will be Sensate Focus, with the ever-informative description of handling “neat house”. Already boasting the subterranean synths of the John Elliot (of Emeralds) curated Spectrum Spools, Jim O’Rourke dedicated Old News and the neo-medievalism of Ideologic Organ, Editions Mego will no doubt make it worth your while, whether or not you know what they’re talking about.

The first 12″ release will be ‘Sensate Focus 10’, with two tracks X and Y, which is being obscured by all the in-group ambiguity we’ve all come to expect from niche labels and their bands. But with past releases including the work of Oneohtrix and Hive Mind, you won’t want want to miss this April 17th release.

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