03.05.2013, Words by dummymag

You can make yourself hear colours with 'Color Play'

A turntable which uses colour sensors instead of vinyl grooves has been created, creating "voluntary synaesthesia".

You might be able to give yourself “voluntary synaesthesia” quite soon, thanks to a new scientific development called ‘Color Play’. The work of two Interactive Communication students at New York University, Natasha Dzurny and Louie Foo, ‘Color Play’ uses differently coloured wedges (which fit to form a disc) to determine sound activated by colour sensors, rather than merely a needle on a groove. While it seems that in its initial stages it is only capable of playing beautiful yet basic loops, there seems to be scope in the future for more complex arrangements.

In the ‘Color Play’ system, pitch and note have colours assigned to them, so that the brain can learn to link them almost automatically. Perhaps most interesting is the thought of the degree to which this sense would be created in an adult brought up on such a device as a child.

ColorPlay from TechnoChic on Vimeo.

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