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09.03.2023, Words by Payton Dunn, Photos by Kiernan “Knives” Francis

The Dare, MADELEINE, Proc Fiscal, and more front our BRAND NEW playlist

Listen to the best new tracks of the week...

Check out five tracks from our BRAND NEW playlist, which is dedicated to showcasing the most exciting up-and-coming talents from all around the globe.

1. The Dare - 'Good Time'

The Dare might've had the biggest splash of any new artist last year. The dance punk project of Harrison Patrick Smith exploded in 2022 with the release of his debut single 'The Girls', which saw Smith embracing all of his hedonistic desires as he avowed his love for women of all types, including, but not limited to, "girls that do drugs", "girls that hate cops and buy guns" and "girls who give it up for lent".

That horniness isn't turned down at all on his new song 'Good Time'. In fact, he might've even taken it up a notch. The song sees him delving into all of the downright filthy acts he showcased on 'The Girls', except this time we get some added context. With that increase in horniness also comes an increase in the fun of it all, and it's truly cementing The Dare as one of our favourite new artists.

2. MADELEINE - 'Hold Her'

MADELEINE's music harkens back to the sounds of nu-jazz and soul, and she's become a staple of those scenes in the UK thanks to her innovative twist on the more traditional genres. She combines those influences with electronic sensibilities taken from the inspirations of Flying Lotus and Kiefer. This unique sound has taken her all around the world to tour with artists like Arlo Parks, Poppy Adjudha, and Kwaku Asante. She's now carving out a lane for herself as an artist, having released two EPs over the course of 2021. After almost two years away from releasing music, she's finally back with her new song 'Hold Her'.

3. Proc Fiscal - 'Pic of U'

Proc Fiscal had an interesting journey into electronic music to say the least. The artist got his start in the world of punk, picking up a guitar and playing in bands from a young age. He now makes highly experimental electronic music, and his latest song 'Pic of U' sees him embracing fairy-like synths that dance around the head of the listener.

4. Izza Gara - 'Water'

Izza Gara's new single 'Water' had the strangest inspiration that we've seen all week. The idea for the song came from a coat of all things, with the artist telling DMY, "Before the session, I thrifted a big furry coat from a thrift shop which happened to be a real wolf coat, which is illegal to sell in Sweden. I couldn't return it or resell it which we all thought was funny. I was kinda stuck with that coat. That inspired me in the session and I thought of the situations you're put in where you can't affect the circumstances so you find your ways to cope. Like water, you're just working your way around things and adapting."

5. Natalie - 'Evil'

Natalie simply describes her songs as "anti-genre music". That mentality is epitomised by her latest single 'Evil', which sees her embrace a traditional pop music song structure with glitched out vocals and haunting synths.

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