27.01.2023, Words by Billy Ward

Alice Longyu Gao's mind-bending 'Hëłłœ Kįttÿ' visuals capture the innovative spirit of hyper-punk

Simultaneously playful and disturbing...

Alice Gonyu Gao returns with her wonderful and wild new single 'Hëłłœ Kįttÿ'. 

Unrivalled when it comes to originality and thinking outside of the box, the Chinese-born, US-based creative is making pop music fun again with heavy dosages of swirling synths, pulsing bass and jaw-dropping, tongue-in-cheek visuals.

Gonyu Goa found viral success and acclaim after early tracks like ‘Rich Bitch Juice’ and ‘I <3 Harajuku’ became internet phenomenons. Since then, she has continued to push the envelope creatively with her left-field hyerpop fusions. 

New single 'Hëłłœ Kįttÿ' offers a punk-fuelled take on her futuristic brand of pop music, veering into a dark and nightmarish underworld thanks to a stunning music video. Simultaneously playful and disturbing, it's a totally unique release from one of the most inimitable artists about right now. 

Watch the music video above or stream the single here.

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