13.01.2023, Words by Billy Ward

AntsLive drops an early shout for video of the year with 'Number One Candidate'

Like something out of a Wes Anderson film...

Rising North London rapper AntsLive is kicking off 2023 with an early contender for music video of the year. 

Taken from his new EP 'Just A Matter Of Time', released January 12, 'Number One Candidate' channels the cheeky, fist-swinging energy of acts such as slowthai and mixes it with a penchant for undeniably hard-hitting lyricism and spell-binding visuals. 

Produced by Bijan Amir, the video sees AntsLive flexing in the Italian Alps, riding a galloping horse across the mountainous terrain. Performing at heights of 3000 meters and hanging off the side of classic fire trucks, the remarkable settings displayed throughout the video seem like something out of a Wes Anderson film and live up to the hype currently orbiting this exciting new talent. 

Since the release of his debut single at the beginning of the pandemic, AntsLive has been building momentum as one of the most innovative and reactive young artists in the scene. We recently included Ants in our 15 Most Exciting Artists For 2023 list.

Speaking about his new body of work, he wrote on Instagram: "I’ve worked on this tape for a year+ & I wanted to give you a selection of music that I enjoy making instead of something shaped by what’s trending right now. This tape is a snippet into my life. The highs and lows."

Watch the music video above and stream 'Just A Matter Of Time' here: 

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