26.10.2023, Words by Billy Ward

bar italia take a trip back in time with new single and video 'worlds greatest emoter'

New album 'The Twits' is out November 3...

With bar italia's highly-anticipated new album 'The Twits' slated for release next week, the band share the final single and video in their current roll-out. 

Titled 'worlds greatest emoter', the driving and ascending rock track promises to be a standout tune on the new record, which sees the elusive trio push their sound further outside the box than ever before. 

While their previous record 'Tracey Denim' was notable for its compact 2-3 minute compositions, 'The Twits' is characterised by horizontal and open-ended tracks, moving from reptilian dive-bar soloing to all-out booze-fuelled house party vibes. 

The new single lands alongside an olde-world-style visual which sees the band members sport outfits existing somewhere between the realm of Willy Wonka and Oliver Twist. 

bar italia have announced a group show of drawings to take place October 27th at the Frieze exhibition space at No.9 Cork Street, with the public view at 6pm-8pm. ‘drawings by bar italia’ will display sketches by the band members made around the writing of the forthcoming album and informed by its world.

New album 'The Twits' is out November 3. 

Watch the music video above or stream the single here.

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