01.11.2022, Words by Billy Ward

Ezra Collective and Kojey Radical form a jazz supergroup in new 'No Confusion' visuals

"We’re at a place where we really know who we are as a band – and there’s No Confusion about it..."

UK jazz quintet Ezra Collective have enlisted Kojey Radical on ‘No Confusion’, a new single and video from their forthcoming album ‘Where I’m Meant To Be’, out November 4.

Ready to ignite sweaty dance floors and dinner parties alike, the imminent record is the natural product of years spent improvising together on stage, bridging the gap between left-field rap, jazz and beyond.

The new offering pays homage to the late Tony Allen, one of Nigeria’s finest drummers and an influential figure on the collective – particularly the group’s drummer Femi Koleoso who was raised on the musician’s music: “Drum lessons with Uncle Tony didn’t just change my life, but Ezra Collective’s,” he says. “The most valuable thing he ever taught me was, always be yourself. Be who you are. Be proud of who you are. When you truly are who you’re meant to be, you have no confusion.

“‘Confusion’ by Fela Kuti is one of the only recorded drum solos by Uncle Tony – it’s so him, no one else could have played it. This track is so us. We’re at a place where we really know who we are as a band – and there’s No Confusion about it.”

Kojey Radical adds some lyrical flare to the Afrobeat-infused jazz, appearing on stage in the vibrant Douglas Bernardt-directed video. Closing off the visual with a tribute to Tony Allen, it’s another strong offering from the talented ensemble.

Ezra Collective are poised to perform some live dates this month, before their extensive UK tour begins in February.

Watch the music video above or stream the single here.

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