24.01.2012, Words by Karen Chan

Frank Eddie - (Let Me Be) The One You Call On

You might not recognise Frank Eddie, but Lemon Jelly should ring a bell. Frank Eddie is the solo project of Fred Deakin from London electronic duo Lemon Jelly (who are currently on hiatus). Today, he celebrates the release of his debut single with a video, which is created by his own Airside production company. While the R&B/ disco/ kraut rock track indicatively suggests Fred’s progression in sound, the 4-minute animated video is slightly weird – there are CGI characters that might be corals or jellyfish – we’re not sure, but we can’t help but find the resemblance between the distinctive artwork of Lemon Jelly. Watch it above.

Impotent Fury will release Frank Eddie’s ‘(Let Me Be) The One You Call On’ on 23rd January, 2012

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