27.07.2023, Words by Billy Ward

Jianbo's new UK rap cut 'Play Your Part' explores "the romance of being young and growing up in urban chaos"

It's the rapper's third single of the year so far...

Chinese/Vietnamese-British rapper Jianbo returns with a scorching offering, pairing his new single 'Play Your Part' with a cinematic music video. 

Following ‘Home is Where the Food Is’ featuring BABii and ‘Chinatown Trouble’, the rising talent's third single of the year further stakes his claim to being one of the most charismatic and hardest working artists in the UK underground. 

Thematically, the track is a coming-of-age tale, or as Jianbo puts it, “it touches on the romance of being young and growing up in urban chaos, learning how to navigate the world with dreams to excel and become a star - a common aspiration for inhabitants of the city.”

Working with the coveted artist and producer Congee on ‘Play Your Part’ was a perfect match “not only because of our shared Cantonese heritage, but also because his background in pop sensibilities combined with my heritage in grime and dance music in a unique way to create a U.K. garage-tinged summer track”, Jianbo adds, “which reflected both our culture here in London and back in Hong Kong.”

A background in film production has given Jianbo the tools to make his DIY music videos look like golden Hollywood productions and his latest offering is no different. Tapping into the stunning visual universe of iconic 90's film directors like Wong Kar-wai, the music video for 'Play Your Part' is one of his strongest yet. 

Watch the music video above or stream the single here. 

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