02.07.2024, Words by DMY Staff

Kavya Shares Live Video for 'Seal It'

Delicate live rendition is full of raw emotion

New Dehli-based singer-songwriter, KAVYA, has captured a live rendition of her single, 'Seal It'.

"A track about goodbyes and last wishes", the song is originally a collaboration with Hyderabad producer, Kalmi. It reflects on humanity's inability to seize the moment each day and live our lives to the fullest, instead existing as if there are countless opportunities to seize it before us. "It always seems that we will be able to do that ‘later’, when the only thing we really have is now," KAVYA ponders. 'Seal It' explores "the conflict between knowing all things come to end and how to express and communicate the love before it gets too late".

The live version of 'Seal It' shows off KAVYA's delicate, breathy vocals as her voice carriers all the raw emotion the lyrics hold.

Joined by Pranay Parti on keys and xylophone work from KAVYA herself, it's a stripped-back, ambient performance that will have you gripped.

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