02.07.2024, Words by DMY Staff

Mrley Drops Politically Charged Single 'Make It Stop'

Just in time for election week

London's Mrley has dropped his rage-ready new single just days before the pivotal general election.

Standing as his most politically charged work to date, 'Make It Stop' is a powerful anthem that showcases Mrley's deep desire for change in a nation he perceives as suffering from deprivation. The accompanying music video, directed by Olly Fawcett, sees Mrley traversing the streets of London, playing guitar outside Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament, all while delivering incisive commentary on the socio-cultural issues pertinent to the forthcoming election.

With 'Make It Stop', Mrley continues to prove his mettle as an artist unafraid to tackle pressing issues head-on, making his voice a crucial addition to the national conversation as the general election approaches.

'Make It Stop' is out now.

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