23.11.2022, Words by Billy Ward

Mac Wetha calls on Lord Apex and Biig Piig on new 'Don't Go Falling In Love' visual

"We wrote this on a sunny day with the doors wide open..."

Multi-faceted artist and producer Mac Wetha has delivered a brand new single and music video ‘Don’t Go Falling In Love’, featuring underground favourites Biig Piig and Lord Apex. 

Following his recent Dummy Mix, the hip hop polymath’s latest offering is a blissfully romantic and intimate pop jaunt pairing Mac and Biig Piig’s vocals over jazzy piano and languid guitar chords. Later on in the track, Apex weighs in with his effervescent flows proving why he’s one of the UK rap scene’s heavy hitters.

Best known for his work behind the scenes as a founding member of London hip-hop collective NiNE8, the 24-year-old has spent the last year putting himself front and centre with his forward-facing solo work.

“‘Don’t You Go Falling In Love’ is a very special song for me,” says Mac. “Jess (Biig Piig) is like a sister and I’ve been in awe of her talent and voice ever since we first met (at 16), and although we’ve worked loads over the years this song is the first time as Mac Wetha and Biig Piig we’ve written and sung together, and it’s a genuine honour to have done so.

“I can also say the same for Apex, although we met years and years ago, this is actually the first time we’ve linked up to make music, and again the pleasure is all mine. Two of the most talented and sweetest people you’ll ever meet. We wrote this on a sunny day with the doors wide open, the tune came together very quickly and organically and felt right from the jump. Enjoy.”

The lo-fi visual sees the trio spending a day leisurely wandering around the London cityscape in high spirits, dancing and singing.

Watch the music video for ‘Don’t Go Falling In Love’ above or stream the single here.

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