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13.03.2019, Words by Felicity Martin

The 10 Best Electronic Artists With Fire Visuals, according to Amy Becker

"I love but also hate this video, because it looks like what I saw when I was tripping off an edible on the train to Glasgow"

A DJ, promoter, and radio presenter, Amy Becker has got things pretty wrapped up when it comes to sound. So she’s now turning her attention to the visual side of things, exploring the effect expertly crafted visuals can have on the club experience. Taking her Acrylic brand that she’s just been touring the UK and Ireland with, March 20th will see her present her debut Acrylic A/V: Synthetic Sessions live show at the Pickle Factory.

“I’ve been inspired by the way audiences experience A/V shows and the use of technology to create these experiences,” Amy says, “and I wanted to put my stamp on this concept based on what Acrylic represents – going beyond just a DJ set and stepping into the A/V territory seemed like a natural progression.” Having spent the best part of a year developing these visuals, she’s worked closely with a crack team of video, graphic and visual designers including Sifa and Finbar Marcel, and we can’t wait to see the result.

With many artists in the electronic realm creating projects with boundary-pushing visual elements, Amy Becker names the ten artists whose visuals are *flame emoji*.

1. Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones

“My day ones, my muses, my parents. Name a better duo. Bringing their A/V show to Acrylic at Corsica in 2017 was a dream come true, and supporting the show in Tokyo last year was some surreal bucket list shit for me. Skip to 3:10 in this video to get an idea of how drunk I was the night before, which started with all-you-can-drink karaoke and ended with me pole dancing in Japan’s only dancehall bar.”

2. Murlo

“One of the purest of souls and one of the most talented people I know. His drawing and animation skills are second to none and the way his aesthetic fits with his musical production is amazing – he’s really solidified his own lane with his debut album.”

3. Lanark Artefax

“Went to go see his new A/V show at EartH not long ago and it was insane. Especially ‘cos it was seated, and I’m getting old.”

4.Oneohtrix Point Never

“Weird and creepy (yet emotional) dance music at its finest. I love but also hate this video taken from his latest album, because it looks like what I saw when I was tripping off an edible on the train to Glasgow for the first stop of the Acrylic tour last month – shout out Parallel Theory for that.”

5. Evian Christ

“I heard his recent A/V show inside a container made someone have a fit within ten minutes. Goals. Also he’s really hot and kinda elusive, and that’s that on that.”

6. Bonaventure

“I went to go see her perform her A/V show alongside M.E.S.H and Nkisi at the ICA and her set really stood out for me. It took the edge off all the really intense deconstructed drone noises or whatever you wanna call it… achieving a fun, positive atmosphere with that music isn’t easy but she did that!”

7. doon kanda

“Obviously all his visual work is great, especially the stuff with Arca – Jesse [Kanda] is part of the reason why I love Hyperdub so much, and his ‘Luna’ EP last year is still one of my favourites. Particularly ‘Burning’ – it’s a staple in my sets and I often mix it with 03 Greedo which shouldn’t make any sense but it just does.”

8. Inkke

“I’ve always been a fan of the home videos he uploads to Twitter which consist of a load of Vine-esque clips of him and his friends skating around Glasgow and doing dumb shit. His new Memphis rap-inspired tape bangs.”

9. Mungo

“Radar Radio’s former secret weapon, our resident graphic design genius and 100 bpm connoisseur. Mungo’s DJing and crunk edits are just as awesome as his 3D animations, and recently I got him to create a render of the Pickle Factory for my A/V show trailer, which literally took him an hour. Madness.”


“Shygirl always goes above and beyond for her visuals and her looks, which I love – you can see the effort that is put in to create avant-garde videos without the luxury of huge budgets, and I love the overtly unapologetic sexual side of her aesthetic.”

Amy Becker’s Acrylic A/V show takes place on March 20th 2019 at the Pickle Factory, with a host of special guests lined up. Find tickets here.

Warning: The show may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

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