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01.02.2024, Words by DMY Staff

The 10 Best French Touch Remixes, according to Rose Rose

"Dancefloor madness? Easy, just ask for Cerrone!"

Formed by two friends obsessed by French touch back in 2020, Anglo-French duo Rose Rose's sound is a vibrant fusion of disco, French touch and electronic beats. 

Before making waves at the iconic Parisian festival Rock En Seine, they unveiled their debut EP 'Eye to Eye' back in March 2023, a dazzling concoction of 70s disco, dreamy keys, and rhythmic guitars, adorned with a distinct touch of pop.

Following the success of the EP Rose Rose are now working on a new album of original music, and teasing an extended version of 'Eye to Eye' including alternative versions, remixes and exclusive new tracks.

With this in mind we asked the duo to choose their ten best French touch remixes and they duly obliged.

1. Air - 'Sexy Boy' (Etienne de Crecy & Flower Pistols Remix)

"Étienne de Crécy & The Flower Pistol's adaptation of Air's iconic 'Sexy Boy' added some electronic magic to the original song. It’s a bit spooky and dreamy and even feels more airy (no pun intended). The mystery of who the Flower Pistols are still remains to this day…"

2. L'Impératrice — 'SÉQUENCES' (Parcels remix)

"When we first listened to this Parcels remix we were instantly reminded of the early 2000’s, it’s got that classic French Touch bass sound with 70’s guitar vibes and more modern elements. We also had the chance to work with drummer Tom Daveau and bassist David Gaugué of L’impératrice on our first singles."

3. Charlotte Gainsbourg - 'Sylvia Says' (Jerge Remix)

"Producer Jerge (also part of the Parisian group PPJ) revisited Charlotte Gainsbourg’s track (produced by the king: SebastiAn) and turned this song into a party anthem. We love playing this track when doing DJ sets in the late hours of the night."

4. Daft Punk - 'Get Lucky' (Daft Punk Remix)

"No need to introduce this duo! We love this remix, it almost feels like another version, a bit more epic and a bit less radio. Impossible not to include them in this list, they sound like family."

5. Cassius - 'GO UP' (Seth Troxler & Tom Trago Remix)

"Too many legends in the same track, Cassius, Pharrell, Cat Power, Tom Trago and Seth Troxler! It is an all star cast! A great track to kick off a DJ set early in the evening. Cassius will always have a special place in our hearts, always."

6. Bertrand Burgalat - Etranges Nuages (Yuksek Remix)

"Bertrand Burgalat is a somewhat underrated producer of the French touch scene; he deserves more attention. As for Yuksek, he has accompanied us since the MP3 player era of our childhood, we are always admirative of his work and the diversity of his productions.

7. Phoenix - Winter Solstice (Braxe + Falcon Remix)

"This remix brings together three iconic entities from the early 2000’s French touch scene: Phoenix, Alan Braxe and DJ Falcon. It’s got that nostalgic winter feeling, but it feels warm too, as if we are seeing snow next to a chimney fire, like the atmosphere of some Sofia Coppola movies."

8. Justice - 'Let There Be Light' (Breakbot Remix)

"Breakbot and Justice, two iconic French projects which are part of the Ed Banger roster. This remix perfectly represents the time when we met and started to share our common passion for music, especially disco and electronic, it sounds like Paris to us."

9. Amadou & Mariam - Filaou Bessame (Cerrone remix)

"Dancefloor madness? Easy, just ask for Cerrone! We love this track and how it seamlessly blends Afro-blues with that classic Cerrone groove. Although we grew up with music that was more electronic in our teens, Amadou and Mariam have always been there from the start!"

10. Rose Rose - Sugar Hill (Roisto Remix)

"And finally Roisto’s remix of our first ever track 'Sugar Hill! We share common influences with Roisto, and it meant a lot to us to have him remix a song that has a special place in our hearts."

Rose Rose 'Charlotte' (Night Version) is out now via DMY Artists.

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