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10.08.2023, Words by Billy Ward

The 10 Best UK Collaborations, according to Rio Rainz

"Dial in let’s make the feeling mutual..."

East London rapper Rio Rainz burst onto the scene when he was just 15 years old with an explosive Blackbox Freestyle in 2019. Hailed back then as a star in the making, the rising prodigy - now more mature and in touch with his own craft, while still remaining a teenager - seems to be having no trouble living up to the hype surrounding him. 

East meets West on the new collaboration between the Rio and Shepherds Bush cult hero Finn Foxell. ‘sunshine’ is a feel-good anthem from two generational talents, splicing elements of classic drum 'n' bass and jungle elements to create an infectious bop geared for summer. To mark the release of his joint effort with Foxell, we sat down with Rio Rainz to run through ten of his favourite UK collaborations. 

1. Amy Winehouse and Tony Bennett - 'Body And Soul' 

"This track with a little red wine, dancing in the kitchen after a long day, i’ve competed that task many times mate."

2. Bakar and Lancey Foux - 'Play'

"I'm inspired heavily by both of these artists. Stylistically they approach this in their own unique ways, together it blends lovely."

3. p-rallel, Jeshi and Fredwave - 'Believe'

"Massive for the culture. Before the floating rock we live on stops spinning, I suggest you see it live."

4. KwolleM and Joe James - 'Fenchurch St' 

"I live east of the Thames, so this one here’s automatically a classic."

5. Skiifall and Knucks - 'Ting Tun Up Part II'

"This is a brazy track. Skiifall has one of my favourite rap styles in the UK, then Knucks elevated it. 10/10."

6. Little Simz and Cleo Sol - 'Woman'

"This collaboration surprised me. Two influential talented women. Makes me want put a tuxedo on you feel me."

7. Hitt Kidd and Ashbeck - 'Long Way From Home'

"I had never heard of Hitt Kidd until listening to this track here. Craaazy! Dial in let’s make the feeling mutual."

8. 5EB and Smith Blxck - '5orryMyBad!'

"I put this track on every time I’m late and annoy someone with my timing and organisation. Sorry my bad!"

9. Sainté, A2 and Knucks - 'Summer Is Blue'

"Whoever connected the dots with these guys is a very smart person. Wicked Wicked."

10. Rio Rainz and Finn Foxell - 'Sunshine'

"This one here is an anthem, I’m assuming you’ve never heard it before? Well you will very soon. I’ll see you all on the mosh pits shortly."

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