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04.07.2024, Words by DMY Staff

Kirstie Killick's 'Blessings' Shines as an Anthem of Triumph and Gratitude

A heartfelt track that reflects her experience with music as a form of catharsis

R&B artist Kristie Killick's new single 'Blessings' carries messages of spiritual growth, persistence, and gratitude. 

"Music has always helped me process the wickedness of life," Kristie shares. "Life can be cruel, but what a beautiful twist that I can make that into a piece of art. It’s the best therapy I’ve ever had." 

The soul-driven 'Blessings' fuses R&B, contemporary, and gospel elements, layering harmonies and ethereal ad libs. It opens with a candid reflection on life's challenges, narrating a journey from past struggles to newfound strength and confidence, guided by an angelic presence during moments of vulnerability.

The chorus is a tribute to maternal wisdom, highlighting the transformative power of self-belief with the mantra, "Mumma told me, one day I'll see, all I can be, there’s something in me." It's a personal affirmation and a call to embrace one’s potential. Through lyrics, Kirstie illustrates how one can shift their perspective from negative to positive with gratitude and vision.

'Blessings' is more than a song; it's an anthem of triumph, a celebration of lessons learned, and a heartfelt expression of gratitude.

'Blessings' is out now.

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