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05.06.2024, Words by DMY Staff

Chinese American Bear Share New Tune, 'Feelin' Fuzzy (毛绒绒的感觉)'

First single on new label Moshi Moshi.

Seattle-based C-pop duo, Chinese American Bear, are back with another burst of ear candy on their aptly titled single, 'Feelin' Fuzzy (毛绒绒的感觉)'.

The eclectic new tune features surf rock and psychedelic guitar work punctuated with bold, crashing symbols, as vocalist Anne Tong sings of her experience growing up in a Chinese immigrant household. It's all tied together with a fun and upbeat pop production.

"I had a stereotypical tiger mom who had very high academic expectations and set very strict household rules. When I was a teenager I was never allowed to go to friend's homes after school, never allowed to go to parties or school dances on weekends, and definitely not allowed to date. My days were strictly focused on studying, practising piano, and preparing for exams," Tong explains of the song's meaning. Thus, the track speaks on the youthful frivolity Tong wishes she had experienced as a teenager.

Originally just creating music for fun, married couple Bryce Barsten and Anne Tong, decided to give the music game a go after a positive reception to their first two singles, 'Hao Ma' and 'Dumpling', led to a record deal with China's largest indie label, Modern Sky.

'Feelin' Fuzzy (毛绒绒的感觉)' is the first release for Chinese American Bear on their new UK-based, independent label, Moshi Moshi.

'Feelin' Fuzzy (毛绒绒的感觉)' is out now via Moshi Moshi.

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