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04.06.2024, Words by DMY Staff

10 Best Modern Day Rave Tracks according to Scuba

“These are some of the tracks I've taken inspiration from while putting together my new live set [D:U:LIVE]. They all encapsulate a timeless rave energy, even if some were only produced in the last year or two!”

Paul Rose aka Scuba has announced D:U:LIVE, a series of live shows inspired by his acclaimed ‘Digital Underground’ mixtape and ‘Hardcore Heaven’ vinyl EPs from 2023 which connected the dots between acid house, early hardcore, breaks, and techno. 

Worldwide dates are to come later in 2024, but in the meantime, the new concept kicks off in the UK in early summer where he’ll play London at Peckham Audio, Bristol at The Love Inn and Yes in Manchester (all dates below). D:U:LIVE are the first Scuba live shows in 11 years.

On the production front, the UK artist has shared another two singles from his next ‘Hardcore Heaven III’ EP. ‘Give Up Everything’ and ‘Riding Hi’, join ‘Truth’ as the first tastes of the EP and further develop the themes established on the first ‘Digital Underground’ mixtape.

"I'm really excited for the chance to put this music where it belongs, that is to say on a big rig in a dark room. It's been such a long time since I played live, and this is a very different kind of show to the last one. It should be a lot of fun" says Scuba.

In advance of this explosion of activity, Scuba gets out his bangers for DMY.

1. Laurent Garnier & Chambray - Feelin’ Good (Radio Slave Revenge Remix) (Rekids)

"I had the privilege of talking to Laurent Garnier for a couple of hours on my ‘Not A Diving Podcast’ recently, he's still such an inspiration. And of course Radio Slave knows his way around a banger."

2. Ackermann – In The Jungle (Uncage)

"Ackermann has been making some great stuff in the last couple of years but this one was something a bit different. A rave track really should have a cheeky sample, shouldn't it?"

3. Serge & Tyrell - Pump-O-Matic (Clone Jack For Daze 015)

"Rave doesn't have to be just about 150bpm breakbeats. This is an old favourite of mine, guaranteed to get the party started."

4. Clouds – Positive Delusion (Steel City Discs)

"Now this is what I would call a peak time track. Sort of a rework of ‘Finest Illusion’ by Foul Play, which is of course one of the best hardcore tracks ever, updated nicely for today's appetites."

5. DJ Love – Whistle (Wavelengths)

"DJ Love is one of my favourite new producers, and this track really nails the rave vibe. Absolute banger."

6. Wheez-ie - Remember the Score (Well Rounded Records)

"Wheez-ie is another producer I discovered quite recently, but he's been around for a while. So much great stuff on his bandcamp page, I highly recommend taking a look."

7. Tim Reaper – Lucky Go Happy (Myor Massive)

"This sounds like 1994 in the best possible way. Of course Tim Reaper had to be on this list, so many to pick from but this one nails it for me."

8. Sully – 5ives (Over/Shadow)

"Another producer who absolutely had to be included. Not quite sure how he does it, but the ideas are absolutely crazy."

9. Paranoid London Feat Paris Brightledge - Dub 1 (Paranoid London Records)

"Acid house done properly! This is a classic at this point obviously, but how can you overlook the classics?"

10. Luke Slater – Love (Scuba remix) (Mote Evolver)

"Had to put one of mine in, but from a few years back now. Loved getting the chance to remix this classic by one of the best ever."

Check out Scuba’s weekly conversation ’Not A Diving Podcast’ and see him live at the dates below.

12 June – London, Peckham Audio

13 June – Bristol, The Love Inn

14 June – Manchester, Yes

'Hardcore Heaven III’ vinyl EP out June 14 and 'D:U:2’ mixtape out 26 July.

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