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23.06.2011, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Listen to some new d'Eon instrumentals

‘Darkbloom’, the split long-player from Montreal friends and artists d’Eon and Grimes, is one of the finest releases of the year so far. When Dummy writer Stephen Kerr interviewed them back in April, d’Eon talked about writing a whole bunch of material for the project that didn’t make the final cut – an EP worth of which he’s just put up on his Soundcloud (have a listen below). Rich, dense, sprawling and fantastical, it’s a neat glimpse into creative soup from which the final tracks grew. Untitled Eurozone (download MP3 on the right) in particular is a real jam.

“darkbloom” sessions by cdeon

Hippos In Tanks and Arbutus released Grimes & d’Eon ‘Darkbloom’ on 2nd May 2011

Buy Grimes/d’Eon ‘Darkbloom’

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