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June 2022
19.05.2023, Words by Billy Ward

girl_irl embraces their angry side with fiery new single 'anthem'

"Gotta find gratitude in feeling everything! anthem is the beginning of that..."

Industrial-pop producer girl_irl is embracing their angry-side with new single ‘anthem’. 

After putting out the deconstructed dance anthem 'bullseye' back in April, the Brooklyn based artist has combined both their Atlanta upbringing and experience within the hyperpop community to express what rage means to them on their latest offering. 

“In 2022 I dealt with letting go of a lot that didn’t serve me - things that were hindering embracing who I am at its core," explains girl_irl. "After learning how to let those things go I also learned how to embrace all phases of the mourning process that came with it. I’ve never considered myself an angry person - the people I surround myself with wouldn’t either - typically I would just feel bad for a person or a situation, process those, and move on (contrary to what the girl_irl sound currently is)."

"I realised I never felt actual anger in things that really affected me until this past year. It was honestly a little annoying in the thick of it but it allowed me to create from a new perspective, gotta find gratitude in feeling everything! anthem is the beginning of that.”

Stream 'anthem' below or listen with your preferred player here

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