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28.03.2024, Words by DMY Staff

Leo Wood Shares Live Version of Drum and Bass Single, 'Venus'

Recorded in Paradise Valley, Morocco

Songwriter and vocal artist Leo Wood has been on a journey, travelling to some of the world's more remote and awe-inspiring locations to record her songs, combining her love of adventure and euphoric music.

Taking us to the aptly titled Paradise Valley in Morocco, Wood shares an almost otherworldly rendition of her drum and bass track 'Venus', a collaboration with Alpha Rhythm and Villem, taken from the former's debut album, ‘The Planets’.

For the live session, Wood and her videographer partner, Dan Mackinnon, hiked for an hour up the river bed of a canyon in the midday sun to find the perfect spot to record 'Venus'. 

Surrounded by Mother Nature (and a few fellow hikers), Wood's performance was recorded using a handheld camera and a drone, which captures the truly epic landscape of Paradise Valley. 

“The live version of 'Venus' was created using samples and trigger machines which give freedom to improvise within the boundaries of the song," Wood explains. "The environment definitely inspires my performance and here in Paradise Valley felt very atmospheric and was the perfect place for Venus. Venus is both about overcoming your challenges and being within epic, mountainous skylines. I think everyone who heard us felt touched by the vibes and loved the chance encounter.”

Leo is set to play live on the Aria Tour on the 10th and 11th of May at the London Outernet and New Century (Manchester).

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