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23.11.2023, Words by Billy Ward

Milanese techno-head MAIKE DEPAS delivers his dark and dreamy new EP 'Euphoria'

“This is my idea of what the ravers want to listen inside the club.”

On the back of his breaky Grand Prix 2049 anthem ‘Midnight Ride’, techno artist MAIKE DEPAS (Michelangelo De Pasquale) travels between dark and dreamy regions of the underground on his EP ‘Euphoria’. One foot in the stoic techno of Chris Liebing’s CLR, the other one in the Goa trance of Dragonfly Records, Depas strikes a fine balance between raw energy and subtle melodic hooks. “This is my idea of what the ravers want to listen inside the club,” says Depas.

‘Euphoria’ draws its relentless drive and rhythmic richness from merging polyrhythmic patterns with streamlined melodies and nifty vocal samples – such as in the no-holds-barred hard trance number ‘Techno Appeal’, or the riveting juxtaposition of siren song female vocals and handclaps of crowds in hypnotic ‘Inner Voices’.

However there is more to MAIKE DEPAS than setting dance floors on fire. The antler-wearing figures and witches’ circles depicted in the artwork hint at Depas’ invitation for clubbers to let the music move them far beyond the physical world. “These demonic figures resemble human transformation and the idea of achieving euphoria through dancing.”

Listen or buy the 'Euphoria' EP via your preferred service here or stream on Spotify below:

Watch the video for Midnight Ride below:

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