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18.08.2023, Words by Billy Ward

Mya K fuses R&B and amapiano on new single 'Call Me'

"This track is so different to anything I've released in the past..."

Mya K returns with her second offering of the year, 'Call Me'. 

Following the release of 'Other Side' back in June, the rising South London songstress continues to carve out her own unique sound - this time splicing R&B and amapiano to create a ridiculously catchy offering. 

Lyrically, Mya flirts with the idea of rekindling an old flame, birthing a fresh soundscape which feels nostalgic and yet futuristic at the same time: 'Maybe we should try again, I think you should call me...' she sings, revealing her train of thought through silk smooth melodies.

Speaking on the track, Mya says: "This track is so different to anything I've released in the past, and yet it still feels right. I want to take full advantage of being independent and really just experiment with various sounds, while keeping RnB at the centre."

Mya K began her professional music journey in Nigeria at the age of 10. In 2017, after moving to the UK, she attended the world renowned Brit school and developed her skills further - fast forward to the present day and the growth speaks for itself.

Stream 'Call Me' below or listen with your preferred player here

'Call Me' by Mya K is out now via DMY.

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