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23.05.2023, Words by Billy Ward

J Hus announces new music with mysterious billboards

The 'Don't Say Militancy' adverts have been launched with a phone number for fans to dial...

J Hus is back. That's if a mysterious series of billboards cropping up around London are to be believed. 

The all black advertisements give nothing away apart from some white tape labelled 'Don't Say Militancy' and a big phone number which appears to have been spray painted on. On first inspection, the boards appear to be a vandalised blank canvas but ringing the number tells a different story. 

One fan rang the phone number and posted the results in a video on Twitter. The voicemail playing back is instantly recognisable as J Hus, who rambles on for a few seconds before concluding "all militarians, press 1 to leave a message, press 2 to opt in to receive text updates....we're back. Don't say militancy."

Fans believe this new stunt means the rapper's highly-anticipated follow up to 2020's 'Big Conspiracy' is just around the corner.

J Hus announced via Instagram back in January that his new album will arrive "mid year," with fans back then expecting the project to come out around summer.

The rapper wrote: "The women in my life remove the confusion. They tell me fuck the pussy shit & let them have it. Go Insane on dem. KDA. Album out mid year & visuals. I’M BACK!!!"

News of a 26-track J Hus album began to circulate in early 2021 after the rapper teased music on his Instagram story. In January 2022, Hus reportedly shared and deleted a tracklist for an album called 'The Ugliest'.

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