26.11.2019, Words by Billy Ward

Kano, Stormzy, Ghetts and more come out in support of Jeremy Corbyn

The UK saw a record-breaking 350,000 people register to vote in a single day after Stormzy urged his followers to register...

A host of musicians and DJs have shown their support for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in a letter recently posted to the Guardian.

Signed by the likes of Akala, Stormzy, Kano, Ghetts, Charlie Sloth and more, the piece outlines problems local communities face after nine years of Conservative policies; encouraging people to vote Labour where ‘the opportunity for people led change can be made possible’.

The UK saw a record-breaking 350,000 people register to vote in a single day after Stormzy and YouTube figure KSI urged their millions of fans to sign up via social media.

The rapper, whose hit single ‘Vossi Bop‘ includes the line “Fuck the government and fuck Boris,” took to Instagram to announce his loyalty to Jeremy Corbyn.

“He is the first man in a position of power who is committed to giving the power back to the people and helping those who need a helping hand from the government the most,” Stormzy wrote. “I think Boris Johnson is a sinister man with a long record of lying and policies that have absolutely no regard for the people that our government should be committed to helping and empowering.”

In a recent radio interview, Michael Gove dismissed the rapper’s relevance to political debate when asked about his endorsement of Labour: “I think we know when Stormzy took to the stage at Glastonbury wearing a stab vest, I think he made it clear what his political views were then.

“All I would say is he is a far better rapper than he is political analyst.”

Applications for registering to vote close at 11:59pm on November 26, and you can do so here.

In related news, Faze Miyake just released a grime instrumental in support of Corbyn:

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