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05.06.2023, Words by Billy Ward

Mysterious billboard teases new music from Burial and Kode9

A joint release is expected to land July 21...

Burial and Kode9 appear to be releasing a new collaborative record via fabric Originals - that's if a cryptic new billboard that has recently appeared in East London is to be believed. 

The billboard reportedly went on display in Shoreditch last week (May 31), reading: “FABRIC ORIGINALS: BURIAL X KODE9”, alongside a greyscale graphic of fabric’s logo and a release date of July 21 listed bedsides it. 

If speculation around a new joint release were to be correct, the project will be the first time the pair have linked up in over five years after they recorded their acclaimed FABRICLIVE 100 mix, marking the end of the long-running series. It also comes after Burial put out his 'Streetlands' EP late last year. 

It's unclear yet whether the new collaborative release will be an album, mix or EP. 

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Earlier this year, Burial was London Fashion Week's unlikely star. The highly-anticipated debut of Burberry’s new creative director Daniel Lee went down as one of the highlights of the recent London Fashion Week - and the elusive producer was his secret weapon.

The Burberry Autumn/Winter 2023 show played five Burial tracks in total, submerging the catwalk in the moody electronics of ‘Truant’, ‘Young Death’, ‘Exokind’, ‘Shell Of Light’ and ‘Homeless’.

Fittingly, the event took place in Lambeth, one of the catchment zones Burial may have drawn inspiration from when crafting his 2005 EP 'South London Boroughs'. Some artists present at the show included Benji B (who put together the soundtrack for Burberry), Skepta, Stormzy, Vegyn, Damon Albarn, Jamie xx and Honey Dijon, to name a few.

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