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29.06.2023, Words by Billy Ward

PC Music to stop making new music next year

After 2023 the label will shift its focus to archival projects and special reissues

UK-based record label PC Music has announced that it will stop releasing new music after 2023. 

A message on the label’s Instagram account informs that “After a decade of activity, 2023 will be PC Music’s final year of new releases.”

“Following that, the label will be dedicated to archival projects and special reissues. We have an undisclosed number of new albums and singles coming very soon,” the statement reads.

Founded by producer A.G. Cook back in 2013, PC Music started out with a series of SoundCloud releases, many of which had accumulated over 100,000 listens in its first year. 

Thanks to viral hits such as 2014's 'Hey QT' and the rise of the late, great producer SOPHIE, the label developed a cult following and is known for pioneering the genres of hyperpop and internet pop. 

Deemed ‘polarising’ by critics early on in the label's journey, the music has become synonymous with exploring the themes of consumerism and commercialism in a tongue-in-cheek way. 

The label has released three compilation albums over the years, including PC Music Volume 1 (2015), Volume 2 (2016), and Volume 3 (2022). Other artists on its roster include Hannah Diamond, GFOTY, Danny L Harle, EASYFUN, Namasenda, and Planet 1999.

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