14.06.2023, Words by Billy Ward

TuneCore teams up with Grimes to distribute AI collaborations

"Excited to be trying new things!"

TuneCore has announced a new partnership with CreateSafe and Grimes to let TuneCore artists distribute collaborations created through Grimes’ Elf.Tech AI to all major streaming platforms. 

Last month, the Canadian artist launched her new AI project in beta with the help of Los Angeles-based design and development studio CreateSafe, inviting users to create songs using her voice in exchange for a 50% share of the master recording royalties.

The pilot program will allow artists and fans to use Elf.Tech to upload pre-recorded a capellas or record their own original vocal tracks and transform them into a ‘GrimesAI voiceprint'. These can be exported and included in the creator's original compositions and then uploaded to TuneCore with GrimesAI as a main or featured artist at a 50% royalty split between Grimes and the creators, once Grimes has approved the collaboration.

TuneCore wrote on their Linkedin: "This groundbreaking new pilot program allows for enhanced creativity along with the potential to increase fan engagement and artist revenues."

Speaking about the new collaboration with TuneCore, Grimes says: “Very stoked to be working with CreateSafe and TuneCore to enable their users to distribute collaborations with GrimesAI to all major streaming platforms! Through this unique pilot partnership, I can consent to the use of my voice in other creators' releases, share revenue and easily distribute everyone’s work. Excited to be trying new things!” 

Andreea Gleeson, CEO, TuneCore said: “The use of AI allows artists to enhance their creativity, build a deeper relationship with their fans through co-creation, and establish a new revenue stream. It also expands the pool of music creators by making it easier for people to create music.

“By joining forces with Grimes and CreateSafe, TuneCore becomes a first mover in the space, providing artists the opportunity to engage with AI technology in an innovative, streamlined process that provides tangible value and enables consent, control and revenue splits at scale. Going forward we’re eager to explore similarly innovative initiatives on behalf of our artists.”

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