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11.06.2024, Words by DMY Staff

Ivohé Shares Visuals For 'Sin City'

A noughties-feel exploration of urban solitude

German-Venezualan artist ivohé has unveiled the music video for her recent single 'Sin City.' 

Emulating a raw Y2K quality, the mini-movie seamlessly blends the gritty essence of Berlin with the UK Garage beats of the track collaborator Youf's London. 

Directed and edited by ivohé under her alias 'Rubyyxo,' the video, shot entirely in Berlin, deliberately evokes the dark allure of the graphic novel and film, 'Sin City'. This distinct visual style, characterised by stark contrasts and urban decay, matches the video's themes of loneliness and urban desolation.

The video vividly portrays Ivohé's complex relationship with her hometown. Scenes of her walking through desolate Berlin streets at night juxtapose moments where she is surrounded by friends, yet remains emotionally distant. These visual contrasts underscore the pervasive sense of loneliness that can exist even in a bustling metropolis.

Ivohé explains, "In Sin City, and thus, the album, I deal with intense feelings of loneliness and spiral into hating the city, cities in general, that at times can feel dark and loveless, even though they are filled with people."

'Sin City' is more than just a music video; it is a cinematic exploration of urban solitude and the search for connection is places that often feel devoid of it.

'Sin City' is out now via DMY.

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