08.11.2023, Words by Billy Ward

Vegyn drops new single and video featuring Lauren Auder

The producer's latest offering stems from "a desire to make something that truly felt larger than life..."

PLZ Make It Ruins label head Vegyn returns with a brand new single and music video featuring critically acclaimed British-French singer-songwriter and record producer Lauren Auder.

The new track, coined 'Halo Flip', symbolises a voyage back through time; bound up in tight grooves, vintage electronica, cinematic ambience and emotional, reflective lyrics - reminiscent of noughties radio mixes and old school rips from LimeWire. 

“Halo Flip came about from a desire to make something that truly felt larger than life," says Vegyn, "Loraine [James] and I were playing around in a session and settled on these chords via the Arp Solina. The song immediately had this grandiose nature to it and I knew straight away it was special." 

"Lauren came in a few days later and added her parts bringing the whole thing together," he adds. "A few months of gentle tweaking and arranging brought about the song you are hearing now. Ultimately it’s a track about returning home, about always being welcome and about never being forgotten by the people that matter most.” 

Borrowing some of it's sound from old school rave sonics, Vegyn has provided yet another banger perfect for dancing away the winter blues.

Offering her own perspective on the track, Lauren Auder adds: “The song is about friends, about the relationships that serve as scaffolding to our lives. The care that often goes unspoken and more often still unsung about.”

Watch the music video above or stream the single here. 

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