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04.07.2024, Words by DMY Staff

10 Best Hiplife Songs according to SuperJazzClub

“This list shows a section of Ghanaian music we all grew up on"

Interdisciplinary Ghanaian collective SuperJazzClub have just released their long-awaited EP ‘MONOCHROME RADIO’ alongside its latest single ‘UNO’ featuring BenjiFlow.

‘MONOCHROME RADIO’ is a sonic world created where anything can exist with no boundaries. Consisting of 5 distinct earworms, the project is SuperJazzClub’s interpretation of what they think radio should sound like in this current time.

Self-described as a “fusion project”, the EP melds the sounds of early 2000s R&B with Ghanaian hiplife and homegrown local hip-hop from their native Accra. Also present across the tracks are remnants of dancehall and electronic rhythms.

Speaking on what the new EP represents at this stage in their career, SuperJazzClub said: “This is a step into the major league. The rookie seasons are over.”

On their 10 Best for DMY they said: “This list shows a section of Ghanaian music we all grew up on. Even though it’s not as prominent as it used to be, hiplife music is a huge part of our core as artists and musicians. We drew a lot of inspiration and creative ideas from that era especially for our upcoming project, ‘Monochrome Radio’. It's partly why our music cuts across various soundscapes because this is what hiplife literally did; it took cues from other genres and fused them with local Ghanaian flavors.”

1. Reggie Rockstone - Keep Your Eyes On The Road

“This track exploited the use of sampling, in this case a song from K. Frimpong and his Cubano Fiestas. It was refreshing and breathtaking as I identified it as a new Ghanaian sound that was here to stay. Fast forward to today, most Ghanaian music artists have adopted this method of music making from Kontihene to Blackstone” - Tano Jackson

2. Obour - Okoaba Road Safety Campaign

“This isn't just a song, it’s a record that raised awareness about road safety when I was growing up as a Ghanaian kid. I love it not just because it's educational, but also because it sounds great” - Joeyturks

3. Mzbel (Feat. Castro) - 16 Years

“The innocence, the euphoria & the pride in being young in your own right is what I love about this song. But most importantly creating the safe space for young women to voice out awareness about abusive behavior” – Øbed

4. Tic Tac (Feat. Tony Tetuila) - Fefe Na Efe

“Amazing production and delivery in Tic Tac’s vocal prowess. God is a woman. Women are beautiful. God is beautiful” – Øbed

5. Daddy Lumba (Feat. Borax & Ivy Kyere) - Asee Ho

“This track was at every party growing up. Daddy Lumba is definitely an icon” - Seyyoh

6. Kontihene - Aketesia

“The acapella intro, the catchy hook that’s reminiscent of a hymn and then he energy of Kontihene on this? Iconic. Everyone was singing along to this” - Seyyoh

7. Kofi Nti (Feat. Ofori Amponsah) - Odo Nwom O Waee

This song has a feel that cannot be replicated easily. I’ve loved this song since I used to hear it for months on the radio and I still love it just as much” - Ansah Live

8. M3NSA - Kelewele Pimpin’

“The writing and overall production on this song was way too ahead of its time. This was released in the early 2010s, and the bounce and lushness in the keys still stands out today. M3NSA to me will go down as one of the greatest music minds from Ghana. Especially when looking at the quality of work he’s created for himself, his peers and his idols” - Ansah Live

9. Reggie Rockstone (feat. KK Fosu) - Ah! Fa Me Bone Ky3 Me Wai

“The storytelling on this record is captivating from the beginning to the end. I could imagine being Reggie’s friend listening to him spill the tea” – BiQo

10. JayDee - Alampaine

The beat and delivery feel like a match made in heaven. Jay Dee’s vocal texture draws you deep into the story of his nightlife experience” - BiQo

Listen to SuperJazzClub 'MONOCHROME RADIO' here.

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